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A Holistic Guide to Lose Weight using Ayurvedic Science


New Year’s just round the corner and it’s time to make New Year resolution for the next year and what could it be? It could be to be at the peak of your fitness.

We’ve all had erratic lifestyles, which sometimes leaves us no time for to spend on our health. We hardly get time from our daily activities, we forget completely how harmful it is to be unhealthy. The risk we are gaining for our hearts – High level of cholesterol is increasing the risk of cardiac arrests.

However, we’ve always learnt the fact that “health is wealth”. And every year, even if we don’t actually achieve our new year resolution, we always have it in our minds to make “being fit” a new year resolution. Why are we unable to keep a promise to ourselves? Why do we keep promises made to others? Don’t we love ourselves enough? Or are we talking ourselves for granted? Whatever the cause may be, this New Year’s is going to be different, because this New Year, we will provide a complete guide as to how you could lose that extra flab in a matter of months by simply following the measures given below –

  1. Ayurvedic Chikitsa

So ayurveda offers two ways to a fit body, namely: Medohar chikitsa and manaswasthya chikitsa.

Medohar chikitsa focuses on purifying the body on a cellular level. Massages using herbal oils, herbal juices to break the fat, and other purification methods (yoga, and eating rightly) to provide a holistic program that removes the excess fat and supports you to stay healthy.

Manaswasthya chikitsa is a much detailed version of the medohar chikitsa, which focuses on purifying the systems of the body. Like massages used to disperse the stress from knotted muscles and in turn improving blood circulation. Oxygen intake is increased for the better functioning of the brain, the strain from the eyes are removed for better vision, the nervous system is relaxed and strengthened using the combination of meditation, massages and yoga. Cavities are cleansed and also premature greying of hair is taken care of.

  1. Smoothen Your Day

Nature is a bounty home to some of the best herbs that have proved to be a boon to man’s ailments. Herbs like ginseng, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, black pepper and cumin, are known to aid weight loss aiding the increase in the metabolism of the body, shrinking fat fibres/cells, digestion, energy production, reduction of blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivities. This is a great way to keep detoxify, for those who lead erratic lifestyles. These are made available by medicine houses as powder to mix in yummy smoothies.

  1. Detoxify your Body with Green Tea

Wake up in the morning, do your bowel routines and once you’re stomach is empty, drink a cup of green tea. Do not drink or eat anything for 30 minutes before and after drinking green tea. You will notice that you would want to pee. Go pee, this is nothing but, green tea flushing all the toxic particles in your stomach. You’ll feel better, and make a habit of drinking, a cup of green tea after every meal. You will notice that your stomach is never bloated after a meal anymore.

  1. The Power of Yoga or Meditation

There are many ways to lose fat by exerting your body, dancing, gyming, zumba, acrobatics etc. But I may not be wrong when i say that these do drain your energy no matter how fun they might seem. Our motive should be to gain energy. Gain energy by not exerting rather conserving. Yoga is an ancient art of extending the physical body to new limits, making it flexible, strong and unbreakable.  It is a guaranteed way to lose the excess of anything in our bodies, as is proved by science. Meditation is an exercise for the brain, the mind. The ones who follow these two methods of exercise, are seen to have a wholesome approach to life, as they have learnt to be peaceful, in the body and the mind.

  1. Cut the Flab with Warm Water and Restrain from Eating when not Hungry

Make it a habit to drink water, several times in a day. Yes! Water is a cure to many diseases, one of it being obesity. Drinking warm water has a calming effect on the body and also cuts down the fat little by little. So don’t hold back that toxic pee let it go.

Eat only when you hear your stomach grumbling next. The concepts being, don’t eat because you want to, eat because you need to (because nature has everything for a man’s need, not for his greed).

  1. Fibre is your New Best Friend

Basically, the key to a fit body is a well-functioning digestive system. So, concentrate on making it strong. Feed it with fibrous foods, fruits, vegetables and make it strong. When the digestive system is up to date, the food processing gathers pace and rightly absorbs all nutrients.

For once, all of us know that being fit is directly proportional to our self esteems. It is even psychologically proven that, once you become fit, you can run around as you please, stretch your body to doing things it could not before, releases a happy hormone that strikes our pride, and along with being extremely calm, confident and good looking it also helps you be smarter, take better decisions, and are receptive to fresh perspectives of living the life given to us.

So, following these few hacks will make a significant improvement on your weight loss goals and that should make a good start to your new year and the resolution. Make it happen! Happy new year to you and your loved ones!