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5 herbs you ought to start using for your better health.


Start using these herbs for all round wellness

Ayurveda, like all the other Vedas of ancient Indian history, is full of un-deciphered texts telling you of the mysteries in nature and its boon to mankind. It also tells of the vastness of the ancient intellect and their independent ways of gaining knowledge that procured remedies for severe ailments.

Summarizing the entirety of Ayurveda in a few words, this stream of ancient medicinal studies in India, used herbs that were found in nature to fix ailments, correct the 3 doshas  in a human body or even bring Laxman back to life after he’d been ghayal for plenty days. Yes! Herbs that powerful and rare, Hanuman Ji had to fly back with an entire mountain for future use.

Let’s talk of some of these powerful herbs that are found in current times and can be extremely beneficial for your wellbeing.

  1. Have you been connecting to Dory from Finding Nemo, a lot these days? If your brain tends to lack quick decision making qualities and forgetfulness, Sage is the cure. This historical herb which translates to “to save” is known to possess strong healing qualities and has been used to fight epidemic plague. It effectively increases brain function and boosts the memory. You know what to gift your grandparents this Christmas.
  2. Are you the pitiful guy with diabetes that cannot eat sweet and has problems maintaining blood sugar levels? Cinnamon is your companion. With potent effects on the maintenance of blood sugar levels, this easily found herb also cures inflammation.
  3. This herb may be of interest to those who are dealing with weight management issues. Cayenne pepper contains powerful amounts of the compound capsaicin, which increases the fat burning process in your body and decreases appetite. In recent studies, this herb has shown anti-cancer properties as well. Also, used as spice in foods.
  4. The next herb sounds something like I’d name my daughter, Rosemary. Rosemary is a flavored herb that works great for the delicate ones out there who can catch allergies with one step they take out of their homes. Known to have quick healing properties, rosemary has substances that curbs allergies, inflammation and nasal congestions.
  5. Holy basil is an herb apt for people who have a weak immune system and remain sick for days at an end. With powerful healing properties, holy basil effectively curbs the growth of bacteria, fungus and molds. It is known to increase white blood cells in your body, and has also been used to treat anxiety and the related depression. Oh holy basil!

If you haven’t been a frequent user of these plants, start now what are you waiting for? These herbs can be found easily in markets, in their loose forms and even for proper medicinal usage purposes.