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5 Remedies That Can Help You Gain Weight


If you are looking to gain a few pounds, there are a couple of challenges here. The first one is to build up muscle mass and the second one is to keep harmful fats away from your system. You would also have to indulge in physical training for quick results. However, there are some home remedies that can help you gain weight naturally.


11 Banana Milkshake

Have one full glass of banana milkshake at least twice a day. Alternatively, you could also consider consuming at least 3 bananas per day. Follow it up with either a glass of milk or a bowl of curd. If bananas are not your type, you can also indulge in a heavy mixed fruit diet along with plenty of milk. Fruit would provide enough sugars to the system and the milk would be an ideal source of protein.

1. Banana Milkshake

22 Raisins

Raisins help in gaining weight. You could consider having 30 grams of raisins each day. You can also soak 8-10 raisins overnight in milk or water and consume the next day.


Mango is another fruit which is considered effective for weight gain. Have one mango and follow it up with a glass of milk. Alternatively, you can have a mango milk shake on a regular basis for a period of one month. This is bound to cause weight gain.

Indian Ginseng, Musli powder and pomegranate seed powder

Take equal parts of white muesli powder, powdered root of Indian ginseng and pomegranate seed powder. Take this two times a day along with a glass of milk or water. You need to consider having this not only for weight loss, but also for a well toned body.


Muskmelon is also considered to be helpful in weight gain. You need to have three large servings per day for results to show.

2. Raisins