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5 Tips to Make a Perfect and Healthy Curd (Dahi) at Home


The summers are here and there is no denying that a cup of dahi with every meal feels so soothing. Being light in texture yet nutritionally so fulfilling, it builds a genuine appetite, which is essential to prevent dehydration. The Indian cuisine offers so much variety circling around just this simple ingredient that it is surprising. However, with commercialization, adulteration has also paved its way into the industry. In order to avoid the harmful preservatives and other synthetic ingredients in your dahi, these five little hacks shall definitely come easy to make that perfect dahi at home.

1Bring your milk to a good boil

When you bring your milk to a good boil, it helps the water in the milk to evaporate effectively. What you will be left behind after this exercise is thick milk which will give rise to a thick yoghurt which has an extremely creamy consistency. One must remember to cool it down before processing it to make curd.

2Hang your Starter Curd

Often, starter curd is added to the boiled and cooled milk to make it into yoghurt. In India, they call it as chaara, or starter curd in English. However, one must keep it in mind that excess water from the curd is drained and whisked into a smooth batter like consistency before adding it to the cold milk. Hanging the curd to drain excess water is an excellent idea too.

3Use Clay Dish to Set Your Curd

One of the biggest mistakes we make when preparing curd at home is to set the curd in the same pot or pan we boil the milk in. The milk must be poured into an earthen pot thereafter. The earthen pot or clay dish with its minute pores absorbs the water from the curd. This water upon evaporation from the curved surface of the pot keeps it cool and helps in giving it a cream like consistency.

4Take Note of the Temperature

By setting your curd in a clay dish or earthen pot, you are already bringing down the temperature. Another little thing that you can do to control the temperature is to wrap a wet piece of thick cotton cloth around the earthen pot. This keeps the curd cool and allows it to set properly.

5Red chillies to replace the starter

Often the quality of the starter curd is the reason why you fail to achieve good quality curd. Thus, it is expected that the curd will be more watery and less creamy. To reap maximum benefits of the good quality milk and all the efforts you put in to bring it to a good boil, replace the starter curd with a couple of red chilies or a few drops of lemon juice.

Preparing curd at home is extremely easy. The task might seem daunting at first but with these small tips, you can easily make fresh batches of creamy yoghurt every week to keep your family healthy.


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