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5 Tried and Tested Ways To Treat Hair Fall For Men


Now here’s the next sensitive topic for men after we all know the first one don’t we?
Now men usually look ugly, but the hair makes them look good (from a woman’s point of view).
(Do not get offended)
And looking good is important for men just as much it for women. On a professional level as well as in their personal lives men face problems of hair growth even if they do not discuss it very publically. Now your spouse wouldn’t want to walk around with an almost bald guy, does she? Or they might not be openly saying it because of their intention of not making you too conscious (in the back of their heads they’re waiting for you to realise your hair fall problems), but then do you wait till all your natural hair have slowly fallen down to start working towards it? No.
Giving you 5 ways following which you can save your head, the hair it has.
1. Cod liver oils:

Now you must’ve heard about this one. This fish liver oils that come in a bottle, are packed with vitamins A and E. These vitamins are important for hair growth, I’ll tell you how. Vitamin A and E both aid better blood circulation in the scalp and preserves the hair follicles (your natural hair) maintaining its natural hair colour.

2. Scalp massages:

This is the most relaxing thing you can do on your head. Other than being fun and rejuvenating for the head. Head massages aid better blood circulation in the scalp and if you’re using a medicated hot oil, things couldn’t get more wonderful for your hair.
You should massage your head with a sesames, almond or lavender oil for hair fall, right after you come home after a long day at work. This should keep your hair follicles active for a lot of time.
Also, stress and anxiety cause hair thinning, hair loss and hair damage in many people and which is why scalp massages do all the wonder; it alleviates stress and at the same time helps hair growth/preservation.

3. Diet:

Now people usually believe that eating a balanced diet is beneficial for your health, but following a crash diet course lacks your hair of the essential nutrients and amino acids that is essential. Eating veggies and fruits, and not taking in a lot of calories is not the entire solution altogether.
Don’t entirely cut out on your calories, which would rather be detrimental for the growth of hair. This is because hair cells are the fastest growing cells in your body but also tend to get affected faster than any other organ if they do not get the vital nutrients for survival.

4. Bulk up on your meat intake:

I’m sure you’re enjoying the sound of this. Men usually do. So the reason why you must bulk up on your meat intake is this:
Meat, lean meat and poultry foods have amino acids and nutrients that keep your hair follicles strengthened, preventing hair thinning as well as reducing hair fall.

5. Try one of the following juices:

Do not mix the juices of garlic, onion and ginger together; rather apply just one of these on your scalp. Did you know that in order to get a haircut, a person with sparse hair growth rubs ginger on the scissors first, to increase their chances of growing hair faster?
Leave the juice on your hair and wash it with green tea in the morning after leaving it overnight. This should definitely give you results in a matter of weeks of doing so.

Try following these steps for a few days and rejoice in the significant changes you will see on your crowning glory.