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6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before A Workout


So you have somehow gathered the courage to go to a gym, half of the battle is won. But are you going for the battle without fuelling your body well? Going to the gym regularly is one thing, and knowing what to eat and what not to eat before the gym is another. You may feel that the latter isn’t really as important, but trust us, it is more important than you know. Eating the right kind of food before hitting the gym is how you make the most of your efforts during the workout session.

Some foods are perfect for weight loss; however, they won’t go any good to you if consumed before your workout session. We have compiled a list of the top 6 foods which you must NEVER eat before hitting the gym. Take a look.


For every person who is on a ‘diet’, salad is the main staple. Raw, crunchy veggies, the perfect weight-loss solution, aren’t really the ideal meal before your workout. High-fibre foods in a salad slow down the digestion process leading to gas and bloating during the workout session. So you would not be able to make the most of your efforts.


Okay, flaxseeds are extremely healthy. Flaxseeds are loaded with fibre and promote weight loss. However, they won’t do any good to you if consumed right before your workout session. You can take a few flaxseeds 2 hours before hitting the gym. Bottom line is to avoid high-fibre foods before the gym and consuming protein and carbohydrate foods instead.

3Dairy Products

Dairy is delicious, no doubt. But drinking milk, or consuming cheese, butter or paneer before workout will make you sluggish and sleepy. It can also bring down energy levels and lead to cramping. High fat content in such foods can slow down digestion. Therefore, you must keep from dairy products before your workout session.

4Protein Bars

You may feel that protein bars are a great way to fuel your workout. Turns out, they can’t. Some protein bars can be loaded with too many calories and can be low in protein content. Any protein bar with less than 10 grams of protein can lower your blood sugar levels and make you feel exhausted during your workouts.

5Fruit Juice


Drinking fruit juice is not a wise choice either due to the high concentration of sugar. Just a glass of fresh orange juice can make you feel tired after a mile of running. Juices contain natural sugar but are extremely low in fibre. Orange juice gives you an instant energy boost, but it also allows your body to use all the energy in one go. As a result, your blood sugar droops at the end of the workout session.

6Spicy Food

Spicy foods speed up your metabolism, but they aren’t the ideal meal before your workout session. These foods can give you digestive distress before working out and can lead to heartburn.