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A playlist to meditate to


In today’s hectic world, everyone seems to be getting caught up in the rush. Anger levels are rising and tolerance is equal to zero among us humans. But just when we thought we were done with our happiness, there seemed to be a wave of calmness around us as ‘the pill’ arrived. Meditation has been the word on everyone’s lips as the doorway to a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven to be beneficial for people who have issues with their anger management, irregular lifestyle patterns, depression, etc. Meditation has been a safe haven for many of us in today’s date.  So, keeping in mind all the benefits of meditation, here’s a compilation of a few songs that you can pop into your iPod for a calmer and a stress free meditation session:

Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale feat. Norah Jones – Easy

This is perhaps the most beautiful track to meditate to. The lyrics are sublime and pure and Norah Jones’ voice just makes it magical to listen to. Anoushka Shankar’s sitar playing skills are known all over the world. This song in a way, gets the soulful meditative quality out of her sitar rhythms, frankly speaking. The tone soothes your mood and makes instils a sense of happiness from within. Karsh Kale’s fusion with the piano plays well along with the song too.

A Shaman’s Dream Project – Jai Hanuman

This song is the ultimate song to meditate to. The groovy, seamless, hypnotic guitar chords and the haunting yet calming chanting that goes on playing throughout the song, lends the track a beautiful quality. The sound of waves crashing can be heard in the background throughout the entire 8 minutes of the song. A good morning is ensured your way if you plan to meditate to this track in the mornings.

Estas Tonne- Who am I?

Estas Tonne is one of the greatest guitarists of our times and in this song, his guitar grooves are juxtaposed with a lyrical poem that questions the listener about himself. A beautiful song to play while meditating and if you listen close enough to the words, you will instantly feel a sense of self-worth and powerful rush gushing though your bones. It is the perfect motivational piece that you need to get yourself through the day.

Andy McKee- Drifting

What do I say about this beautiful song? This song has been on my playlist for almost 5 years now and I fall in love with it every time I listen to this heart-warming piece. All you need to do is close your eyes and try to let go of the things in your head. The magical tune of this song is going to stick with you long after it has finished, I can vouch for that! This song has a mesmerizing quality that you need to experience for yourself.

It’s inside me and I’m inside it- Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker is an Experimental/Post Metal / Progressive Rock artist from United States and it’s difficult to choose a favourite among their songs, but this one track especially remains a stand out for me out of all the other ones from this album. The guitar grooves seamlessly blend with the drums and produce a sound that reminds you of all the good things about life. A positivity runs through this song and I would definitely suggest you to have it on your meditation playlist!