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Air Pollution Can Hit IQ Level of Your Kids – Take Action Now


Stop by and have a look at this piece of reality check, as I guide you through the most commonly and easily ignored problem looming over your city. These must not, be taken for granted. As a third party there is only so much awareness that we can spread without seeming intrusive, but these problems can be dealt in no other way than penetrating your conscience.

It is impossible, even if you wish, to ignore the air pollution that has been rising its points daily in your crowded city. Winter mornings are no more the fog’s domain, rather smog and smoke from the vehicles. Floating in this smog is little dust particles and toxic fumes that you inhale. Since these levels have been rising gradually over the years; risk to our health especially respiratory problems have risen over the years; and now it’s out in the open for everyone to acknowledge.

There can be severe consequences that all of us are aware of but don’t really pay the needed attention. We know that it’s not the adults, but the children who’re most affected by this danger.

Consequences we’re facing

  • Fresh surveys show that pollution levels of the city have risen 20 times higher than what the government would consider to be safe standards for normal health.
  • Bronchitis, respiratory problems and heart diseases look approaching, over the heads of little children playing in their playgrounds. There are mothers that keep their children at homes and don’t allow them to play out to save their children of the dreaded train of diseases that could follow.
  • A recorded 30,000 deaths per year occurs in this country and very few people can afford the likes of face masks and air purifiers, which seem to be mere toys that give us peace on a psychological level.

Why do you still burn garbage?

People burn garbage everywhere, and despite efforts of the government and every other organization to make people aware of the reasons why they should not be burning garbage; Very stubbornly still they continue to do it. We understand that, it may seem to be the easiest way to get rid of the unwanted garbage. But for once, let us picture the invisible, the fumes rise in the air, through the atmosphere and burn the ozone layer like acid being dropped on your skin? Ugly isn’t is. The kind of ugly that you can’t see very vividly, but gradually.

A much needed step to combat air pollution in cities like Delhi

However there are means and ways that have recently been adopted, by which air pollution can be checked on a larger level, like the Odd Even Rule that the government of Delhi has introduced. Curbing the no. of cars that should use the roads. This is not only a smart but a much needed initiative and there could be no other way to cut down on the air pollution caused by vehicles of the city. Odd numbered cars on odd days and even numbered cars on even days. This checks the no. of cars that pollute the city every day. Less cars less pollution.

Why should you care?

Why we must have a reality check of all these facts is because at this point of time, since you live in the city, we might feel on a personal level that- I’m still breathing and the govt. will take care of these problems for me as I am paying the taxes. No, you’re thinking is futile. The govt. will only do so much it can think off, and if they cannot think of anything, we’re on our own. So be on your own from the very start, if not, air pollution can start to corrode you from within.

In the upcoming articles I will be discussing about how air in your homes are probably the worst. Why? And what you could do to prevent this.


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