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Confirmed Methods to Remove Tar From Lungs

remove tar from lungs
Tar inside lungs of a smoker

Following the New Year resolution of you quitting smoking, we had initially given you information about what and how a smoke harms you internally: Attention Smokers: Take in a Deep Breath

Now, I’m sure it reminded your conscience about the truth of smoking you already knew, somewhere at the back of your mind.

And for those of you looking for a way to remove all that tar from within you: here’s some easy and quick ways to clean your lungs of tar:

1Brazilian nuts

Brazilian nuts contain good amounts of a very powerful anti-oxidant called selenium. This provides heightened preventive capabilities against cancer following the high selenium content.

  • A 5 yearlong study in the University of Arizona suggests that smokers who consumed 200 mg of selenium everyday observed a decrease in cancer risk of the prostate gland, decrease in cancer risk of the rectal and colon glands and a decrease in cancer risk of the lungs.

So now you can consume those nuts!

2Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves can be found in the hilly regions in India like Darjeeling. These leaves are known for disinfectant properties and fighting infections.

  • Take these leaves and brew it like you’d brew tea and this will prove to be a natural way to fight diseases like asthma, coughs, tuberculosis and lung cancer inside the body.
  • It helps the respiratory system by clearing catarrhal congestion. These are also wonderful lung astringents and fight bronchitis for better functioning of the lungs.
  • Another benefit of these are that they help relieve joint pain.

3 Ginger baby

Ginger is an ancient herb that has done wonders. It has been used in medicinal practices for a whopping 2500 years to defend against severe diseases.

  • Drinking ginger tea facilitates clear breathing and detoxification of the lungs.
  • It expands the lungs so you can take in more air to breathe along with breaking down phlegm due to its expectorant properties that loosens mucus, increasing air circulation in the lungs. It lowers risk of chronic lung cancer by increasing your lung’s capacity.

4Red hot chilli peppers


This one, I kid not when I say kills cancer cells, due to personal experience. This pepper is enriched with beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. this element is essential to maintain a healthy mucous membrane.

  • Now anything goes wrong with the mucous membrane, this element helps get rid of it. So if your membrane (that runs through the lungs and nasal passages) is congested with tar, the consumption of this pepper will break down the tar and further defend against invading passages.
  • A study in the UK about how capsaicin (the burning sensation that chilli has) kills lung and pancreatic cancer cells. Which is why there is low cancer rates in places like India and Mexico.

5Cry for the Onions

I’m sure you dint know that this vegetable that makes you cry, is actually getting inside of you and preventing cancer cell formation (growth of cancer cells).

  • The antioxidants that are found in onions is called anthocyanin, which comprise the purplish colour of the onions. This amino acid containing high amounts of sulphur allows onions to help prevent many diseases and cure respiratory infections along with embalming your lungs with a preventive cover against cancerous cells.

Using the above methods will surely help you remove tar from your lungs resulting in better functioning of your lungs.

I hope that if any of these methods help you, you will share with us your experience in a few words and humour us to reach out to more people with good will.

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