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Easy Summer Coolers!


Summers are the most excruciating months of the year, especially when you have a full time job to take care of. Facing the heat, pollution and the noise around you can be a little overwhelming sometimes. By the end of the day, you do not feel like doing anything other than just laying down on the bed with a cool drink to sip away all the exhaustion. While beer might do the trick for most of you, here is a list of a few alternatives that you can try to keep you cool this summer. They are easy to make and a hit with kids too. Try it out for yourself!

  • Strawberry watermelon lemonade slushy

This drink easily takes the cake away with the kids, its easy to make and super popular among friends at a party.

All you need:

2 cups of strawberries

2 cups of watermelon, seedless

¼ cup lemon juice (concentrated)

2 tbsp honey

A lot of ice cubes!

Mix it all together in a blender and serve!

  • Florida Iced Tea

Hot days call for frosty sips! A Florida iced tea is going to get you set into the summer-y mood for good.

All you need:

1 glass iced tea

Slices of pineapple

Slices of Plum/Peach

Mint leaves

Ice cubes

Pour the iced tea into a glass filled with ice. Add the slices of fruits and mix well.

  • Berry sparkler

This is perhaps the easiest trick to win over all your friends at a summer party.

All you need:

Club soda

Red tea (cooled)

Fresh berries

Combine all the ingredients in a glass. Here it is, summer in a glass for you to enjoy!

  • Peanut butter honey milkshake

When was the last time you tasted something so good you wanted to marry it? Peanut butter honey milkshake- I don’t see anything wrong with that!

All you need:

A glass of milk (preferably full cream)

2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp honey

Mix it all up in a grinder. You can add a few ice cubes to the mix too.

  • Green apple spinach smoothie

It might not sound very appetising to you at once but trust me, you will beg for more once you’ve tasted it.

All you need:

2 cups spinach

½ cup coconut milk

4 ice cubes

Blend it all together and pour it in a cup. This will act as an aesthetic piece as the green bit layers the bottom of the cup.

Rinse the blender then combine:

¼ cup coconut milk

½ cup yoghurt

½ green apple (chopped)

4-5 mint leaves

Blend it all together and add it to the glass and garnish it with a slice of apple.

  • Infused water

These fancy waters are perfect for parties or just a special treat for you! You can make a pitcher for a group of friends or single servings, like these. This summer you can try out different flavour combinations but here are a few suggestions:

Lemon and Cucumber Water.

It’s fresh, it’s tasty. You can never have enough of it!

Strawberry and Basil Water.

This recipe is unique and so pretty! I recommend starting out with fewer basil leaves and adding more until it’s perfect for you!

Mint Water

Frozen raspberries are also great with mint. Try it!