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Eat your way to weight loss


Professional acting industry constantly demands you to look your best; physical appearance, fitness and style are of utmost importance. Not restricted to the profession, I personally feel that one should look sharp as a shark and dress up as per one’s lifestyle. You have to be good at what you do, but first impressions do count, bringing back the importance of your physical presentation. Grooming and being conscious of appearance is not restricted to girls, it feels good to look good. I admit that this topic is vast and I will present more details in the upcoming articles. I want to start with the basics: some of the useful tips I have learned to lose weight. Eat healthy!

Go Organic 
Today, we have access to organic pulses, vegetables, rice, flour, fruits, herbs and spices. Moreover, there are modern methods to grow at home. Benefits of organic food are known to most, but have been adapted by few. Organic food has higher nutrition value and water absorption properties than chemically fertilized eatables readily available in the market. Simply put, better water absorption means less is more; when you soak pulses in water before cooking they absorb more water and size of each granule of organic pulses is bigger than the normal ones.

Drink plenty of water
The golden rule. Everyone knows it, few follow it. If you drink less water, your body’s water retention ability increases, which leads to bloating. Drink minimum 3 litres of water in a day; intake requirement can be more depending on your daily physical activity and your surroundings.

Eat small meals
Eat 5 small meals rather than 3 heavy meals in a day. This helps your body systematically break down the food, which basically means your metabolic rate increases.

Do not starve
A strict no to starving yourself for losing weight. Rather this practice does the exact opposite; you tend to tell your body to store food rather than burning it. So the body starts retaining fat due to lack of timely and proper meals. Final result is a low metabolic rate, hence the weight gain.

In India, we generally have carbohydrate rich diet. Replace fried food with baked and eat high protein diets. Eat raw food like salads and fruits instead of binging on junk food.

Yes you have heard this one too but how many of us has actually adapted it as a regular practice. 60{c478bb159a3ffd2cf9a0d465504fe257d274e4492c7996716987ec7dff1da5ed} of our body fitness is determined by our eating habits, rest 40{c478bb159a3ffd2cf9a0d465504fe257d274e4492c7996716987ec7dff1da5ed} is determined by exercise and daily physical practices. Work out regularly, especially cardio exercises or swimming for an hour, 4 to 5 times a week. Very importantly, after weight loss exercises, practice body toning routines to tone up loose muscles.

7-8 hours of regular sleep is required as per your work out routine. It is of prime importance, as your body repairs while you are asleep. Ensure a calm and comfortable environment, providing you a deep and long sleep. Keep your phone away!

Most importantly, meditate, stay happy, smile a lot and laugh a lot because this will keep you stress free and motivated. Don’t give up when faced with difficult situations.
Pain is good! You know it’s said in my industry “pain is temporary, movie is forever”, which is basically a motivation to not to give into pain and can be applied to any situation. Pain also means weakness your body. Stay strong, stay blessed!

Isha Sharmaa