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12 Home Remedies for Bed Wetting


Bedwetting is a problem prevalent in a large number of children upto  5 years of age, while it might persist to a later age in some children. It is the uncontrollable passage of urine by a child while sleeping, causing discomfort and disturbance in the sleeping pattern of the child. The problem of bedwetting is a cause of embarrassment for both the child as well as the parents. Sometimes, the parents feel that the child is doing this intentionally due to laziness but rebuking the child is not a solution to the problem, rather it lies in searching its root cause and looking for a remedy accordingly.

The causes might vary from heredity, urinary infection, bladder problems and constipation to stress and psychological factors. Another possible causes could be food allergy, aneamia  and worm infestation. More of boys than girls are affected by this problem. Most of the children get out of this habit automatically as they reach the age of 6 years and no medication is required. But if it persists after that , medical assistance is advisable. However, a number of home remedies can be applied to treat this condition, some of which are as follows:

1. FENNEL:  This aromatic seed, easily available in every kitchen, is a wonder drug for bedwetting. Boil some fennel seeds with some milk and water for a few minutes. Add some sugar to it and give it to the child at bedtime to help him/her overcome this problem.

2. INDIAN GOOSEBERRY(AMLA): A mixture of two crushed gooseberries with a pinch of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey given to the child every morning really helps. Alternatively, you can give the child a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry pulp mixed with a pinch of black pepper at bedtime to reduce urination.

3. WALNUTS AND RAISINS: Walnuts and raisins are not only relished by children as a tasty snack, but they also make a sumptuous remedy for bedwetting. Give 2-3 walnuts and 8-10 raisins to the child at bedtime. They can also be taken in the form of a paste.

4. JAGGERY: Jaggery is a natural heating agent which heats the body internally. A mixture of jaggery, celery seeds and black sesame seeds given at bedtime with a cupful of milk is an effective way to get rid of this problem. You can also stir a small piece of jaggery in a cup of hot milk and give it to the child.

5. BANANA: Give a ripe banana to the child before going to sleep to prevent frequent urination during the night. The intake of banana can also be in the form of banana shake or banana salad.

6. CINNAMON: Chewing on a small piece of cinnamon bark along with some parsley every day is helpful, though it might not be liked by the child. In that case, cinnamon powder can be sprinkled on food like bread and butter.

7. HONEY: Honey is a natural remedy for a number of problems ranging from coughs and colds to bedwetting. It is a natural heating agent and a teaspoon of honey can be consumed daily, either directly or added to a glass of milk.

8. MUSTARD POWDER: Mix a teaspoon of mustard powder in a cupful of lukewarm milk and give it to the child twice a day. You will have to adhere to this routine for at least 2 months to make it effective.

9. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Make it a habit for the child to have a mixture of 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water after every meal. Being alkaline in nature, it helps reduce the acidity in the body and reduces the urge to urinate frequently.

10. CRANBERRY JUICE: Another effective way to treat bedwetting is giving 7-8 ounces of cranberry juice to the child at bedtime.

11. MASSAGE: Massaging the abdominal area with olive oil  for half a minute before going to bed curbs the problem of excessive urination at night.

12. HEALTHY DIET: Include leafy vegetables, dates, milk, almonds and fiber-rich foods (like radish, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce) in the diet to provide nutrients like magnesium and calcium.

 Besides these home remedies, certain things need to be taken care of in order to get rid of the problem of bedwetting. Avoid giving liquids to the child near bedtime. Keep away sweets, chocolates, processed foods, carbonated drinks, tea and sugar as they are diuretic in nature. Make sure that the child goes to the toilet before going to bed. Also observe the urination pattern of the child during the day and accordingly, set regular alarms at night to wake him/her up for going to the toilet.

Do not hassle or punish the child. Instead, make him/her fully stress free regarding the problem. Cover the mattress with water-proof sheets. Whether you opt for medical aid or home remedies, do not expect immediate relief. A child can overcome this problem easily if he/she gets your love, patience, support and encouragement in addition to the treatment.



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