15 Home Remedies for Sore Throat

15 Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is a very common ailment often aggravated by a change in weather, consumption of cold and sour foods, allergies or a viral infection. It is characterized by pain/irritation in the throat, redness at the back of the tongue accompanied by inflammation of throat, a blocked nose, cough and in more acute conditions, an increase in body temperature.

Sore throat can cause considerable discomfort in terms of difficulty in swallowing food and breathing. Though one might be tempted to go for medical treatment for a quick relief, there are a wide variety of herbs and spices easily available in our own kitchens which can help us  get rid of this problem quickly and effectively. These can also be used in addition to the medicines prescribed by your physician.

Listed below are some common home remedies which can effectively relieve sore throat and associated symptoms without side effects.

#1. GINGER: Ginger tea is the most trusted home remedy for sore throat. A few leaves of basil (tulsi) and a  clove or two of cardamom added while preparing tea multiply the effect.

#2. MILK: Generally milk and milk products are to be avoided during this condition but having half a teaspoon of turmeric added to a cupful of warm milk before going to bed is often seen as an effective home remedy.

#3. HONEY: Honey works wonders for an inflamed throat. Mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice with half a cup of warm water and have it several times a day. Alternatively, half a teaspoon of ginger powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey and some black pepper also works really well.

#4. SALT WATER: The oldest and simplest remedial measure for a sore throat is gargling with a warm salt water solution few times. Done at night as soon as you have feel the soreness generally relieves the problem by morning.

#5. FENUGREEK: Boil some water with fenugreek (methi) seeds or leaves. Let it cool and use for gargling 4-5 times a day.

#6. HENNA: Gargles with water boiled along with a few henna leaves is also recommended.

#7. HERBAL KAARHA: A kaarha (beverage with medicinal value) can be prepared by boiling a piece of ginger, a few cloves of garlic and some cumin seeds in water.Cool and store this preperation. Consuming this concoction a few times a day is a powerful remedy for throat pain.

#8. BETEL: A paste can be prepared by crushing some betel leaves and can be applied externally on the throat as a remedial measure.

#9. MASSAGE: Similarly, external massage of the throat area with ghee (clarified butter) is another home remedy for this problem.

#10. LEMON: Heat a mixture of one tablespoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of black pepper and half a teaspoon of salt and consume it once every day for curing a sore throat.

#11. CINNAMON: Another useful herb for curing sore throat is cinnamon. It can be used as a gargle or for preparing tea.

#12. APPLE CIDER: A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water is helpful in easing discomfort.

#13. ONION: Another home-made concoction for sore throat is a syrup made with honey and onion juice in the ratio of 1:2. One spoon of this syrup taken twice daily is beneficial.

#14. GINGER & SALT: Chewing a piece of ginger with some salt is helpful.

#15. CLOVES: Another gargle which can be prepared is that of cloves boiled in water.

Besides these remedial measures, a proper diet is needed to treat sore throat. Cold and sour food items may be avoided.Carbonated drinks, ice-cream, milk products, fried food, heavy food, pastries and nuts are an absolute no-no.Eat light meals and drink lots of warm water. Tea,herbal and green, is also very beneficial.

Additionally, protect yourself from cold conditions. Keeping warm and avoiding exposure to unfavorable weather as far as possible is very important.