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Indoor Plants That Guarantee to Purify The Air in Your House


We spend so much time worrying about the pollution outside our house, that sometimes we forget that the air inside our house can pose a threat to our health too. And when we do realize that, we run to the nearest electronics store and buy a expensive air purifier. However, there is an alternative. We can have houseplants that can do the same job as any air purifier and has other benefits too:

  1. They do not burn the pocket
  2. They do not make horrendous monster-like noises when they are damaged
  3. They reduce stress and negative feelings
  4. They improve well-being
  5. And most importantly, they make us feel close to mother nature

A NASA research, called, ‘NASA Clean Air Study‘ showed that houseplants could eliminate a number of dangerous chemicals. These included benzene (found in detergents, paints and gasoline), trichloroethylene (used in paints and adhesives) and formaldehyde (found in wall paneling and kitchen cabinets).

Take a look at what harmful chemicals are found in the air in our house and what harmful effects they have on a our body.


Below image shows the number of plants that were studied by NASA and what chemicals they helped reduce. The research also suggests having at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space.




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