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Love Match With The Help of Ayurveda


You must be wondering what has Ayurveda got to do with love and relationship and that too, assessing the compatibility with your partner. Well, a lot.

What’s the most important thing in life, love. We want to love, be in love and we want it to last a lifetime. We want to find that one person to share our lives with and live happily ever after .

There are many ways to judge our compatibility with a person; love signs, astrology and Mars/Venus theories, among a few. But long before any of these methods were established, our philosophers and scientists in ancient India devised a system of health care called Ayurveda and within this holistic system lies everything we need to know about love.

Since Ayurveda is a holistic science, it looks into all aspects of our life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When we understand who we are, and why we are here, everything seems to fall into place. We’re happier, more content, and we feel our connection to the universe. We attract like-minded people into our lives and our relationships become stronger.

Types of People

Ayurveda assigns each of us to a type, according to physical features and personality traits, so we can understand how we relate to the rest of the world, including the other people in it.

Once we understand the system, it becomes clear that we could connect romantically with just about anyone. There are no bad romantic matches, but some combinations are just better than others.

Since there are three basic constitutional types, there are several different possible matches between you and your partner.

So, how do you personalize your love life with Ayurveda? First, Ayurveda suggests a spouse of a different constitution. (That eliminates a third of the pool, already, eh?) This helps you balance each other in the relationship, and prevents your offspring from being too extreme in any one dosha. Two Vatas produce a child who is doubly Vata, for example- much harder to keep in emotional and physical balance.

All this boils down to the idea that Kaphas and Vatas do best when married to each other, and Pitta does best when married to Vata or Kapha.

Here are the different combinations as defined by Ayurveda:

  1. Vata with Vata – Neither of you balances the checkbook.
  2. Vata with Pitta – Cold balances hot. Good.
  3. Vata with Kapha – Light balances heavy. Best.
  4. Pitta with Pitta – Kitchen warfare! Likely the worst.
  5. Pitta with Kapha – Hot balances cold. Good.
  6. Kapha with Kapha – Neither of you gets out of the double wide recliner.

Although, if you do end up with someone of your same constitution, it’s not a disaster. There are great communication and lifestyle tools you can learn, which will help keep your relationship bliss on an even keel.