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Make Your 2016 health Resolution a Reality


New Year’s have come and gone, and I hope we haven’t forgotten our resolutions

Following the seven most unachieved new year resolutions that we’re all going to work upon in the present year, it’s time to revive the spirit of motivation for now working towards your goals.

kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, kal mein parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab?”

“What you have to do tomorrow, do it today; because if a disaster is to occur, when will you do the rest?

How much have you worked towards achieving your new year’s resolution? Have you felt motivated enough to achieve your New Year resolutions yet? I talked of 7 of the most desired New Year resolutions a week back; and now we can now take a brief look at the information that has already flowed to you and what you can expect of reading in the days to come.

In this theme we have covered 6 of the easiest ways that are going to help you lose weight. Through ayurvedic chikitsa, Green tea consumption, Fibre boost in your diet, Herbal drinks and smoothies,

What you can expect in the days to come. How to get yourself motivated to lose weight. How diet plays a major role in losing weight. A well guided diet chart for people of a certain weight group, length and height that would guide you through right consumption of food.

And all the information you could possibly require to help you easily loose those extra kilos.

In this theme we discovered the ill effects of chain smoking and how one could get rid of nicotine addiction in so many effective ways how quitting smoking would start to benefit you within hours of quitting smoking.

What you will further see in the days to come is how to quit smoking the ayurvedic way, the sacred motive behind DHUMAPANNA and information in the terms of being cigarette free through expert guided steps.

This theme discussed fresh facts about the benefits of meditation. About how meditation was going to affect your entire lifestyle in the most positive way.

What you can further find about meditation is the different forms of meditation practiced all over the world, how meditation will pump up your sex lives and such goodness about meditation that will convince you to the core of its necessity of practice.

This is where we discussed ayurveda’s take on alcohol, the benefits 0f drinking alcohol and the ill effects lead by excess consumption of alcohol, why you must reduce the consumption and how alcohol was not an altogether unnecessary item in our lives.

What we will me talking about further is about percentage of alcohol in various drinks and what makes a certain drink the perfect drink for a person like you. The different ways to reduce alcohol and your cravings for alcohol.

Breathe well theme discussed matters regarding breathing correctly, the right balance of oxygen and carbon di oxide. What actually is breathing correctly, and how we have forgotten to breathe correctly.

In days to come, you will know ayurvedic solutions to breathing correctly, breathing to the best of your capacities and ways and means to detoxify your respiratory system etc.

This dealt with why one must eat healthy food. How eating healthy food affects your overall wellbeing. What exactly is healthy food and how you can identify it in the local markets.

What more you’ll be seeing under this theme is a complete directory of what a healthy diet, ways to better your digestive system and an ayurvedic version of the ideal diet routine.

This is where we discussed what people, who don’t travel are missing on, why one must travel and how it helps you get rid of the plenty bad-addictions of your life.

What we would further discuss is about different kinds of places and cultures so as to broaden our sense of perspective of seeing the world a sonly our own.

Tune in for loads of information and useful articles on your favourite New Year theme and we hope to solve all your queries and help you achieve your goal in 2016. Don’t let it be. Achieve your goal this time. Stay connected for expert inputs on the above themes as well.



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