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Medicated Rice Water

Indian name: Odan
Ayurvedic Properties
Taste: Sweet (Madhur)
Quality: Laghu (light), Moist(Snigdha)
Potency: Cold (Sheet)
Post-digestive effect: Sweet (Madhur)

Medicinal Properties

Dosha Analysis
The recipe pacifies all three doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. Odan is light as to not increase vata, we have garnished with spices. It should be consumed warm and freshly cooked.

To make rice water:

  • 14 parts water

  • 1 part organic brown rice

  • pinches of salt, fresh ground ginger, cuminPaste of fresh coriander leaves two teaspoon

  • Salt according to taste.

Bring water and rice to a boil. Allow to boil for 1 hour or until the rice becomes swollen and broken. Stir and strain out rice. However it is not necessary to strain out small pieces of rice. Add a pinch each of ginger, ground cumin and salt. Add paste of coriander leaves. This drink should be of thin consistency, so that one can drink easily.

One can add sugar instead of salt also.

If pregnant woman has vomiting she can drink sips of this drink after each two hours. But it should be warm while drinking.