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Medicated Sweet Yogurt

Indian name: Rasala
Ayurvedic Properties
Taste: Amla (Sour), Sweet (Madhur)
tikta (bitter)
Quality: Heavy (Guru), Moist (Snigdha)
Potency: Ushna (warm)
Post-digestive effect: Amla (Sour)

Medicinal Properties

Dosha Analysis:
The recipe pacifies vata dosha and increases pitta and kapha. However we have added spices for pacifying kapha dosha. Persons having pitta and kapha constitution should use it sparingly.


  • 1.5 Kg. of sour yogurt.

  • Brown sugar 750 grams

  • Honey 50 grams

  • Black pepper 25 grams

  • Dry ginger powder 25 grams

  • Cinnamon powder 5 grams

  • Cardamom powder 5 grams

  • Bay leave powder 5 grams


  • Tie the yogurt in a clean muslin cloth for three to four hours, so that extra water can drain out.

  • Transfer the yogurt into a sieve and rub it with clean hands to make it softer and thicker.

  • Then add sugar, honey and other ingredients.