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Mend Your Broken Soul


Relax! Sit back as I guide you through 5 ways to feel at peace again.

Before starting this journey, there is a concept for you to understand. This concept explains the nature of the spirit and the soul, and how the union of the two makes you whole.

Soul comprises of energies that are

  • Emotions
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Desires

Spirit comprises of

  • Motivation
  • Action
  • Intellect
  • will power
  • Productivity
  1. Understand your nature

Are you spirit driven, more than you are soul driven? Analyzing the nature of your behaviour will tell you if you’re inclined to your spirit traits and have repressed the soul or vice-versa.

  1. Start working on the traits you lack

After having analyzed your nature, you now have access to all the traits you’ve been neglecting. Spend time and support yourself to inculcate habits that will develop these missing traits in you.

  1. Spend time experiencing true pleasure

We tend to keep our pleasures and passions on standby. Always controlling our pleasures (very submissively), which starves our souls. Take time each day to engage in your passions. Whatever that might be. Play your guitar, go through old collections, sing your heart out, dance like Mr. Bean to one of his original compositions, and make love. Do something that you stopped doing or have never done. C’mon you aren’t as dull as you think you are! Think of something…

  1. Plunge inside your mind

Diaries have become an older trend now; however the power of writing is known to be extremely worth your while. Often times, we repress our emotions, bottle it up and later, reaching our saturation points, we burst at others and ourselves and don’t know why that happened, how did you reach this point? What were you doing wrong all the while? How did I reach this state?

Write it down. Willingly accept how you feel, angry, jealous, hurt, distorted, broken, disappointed, and fearful. This will teach you acceptance, and acknowledging the problem is one step to solving it, so it’s always wise to accept the problem, and let it out in words.

  1. Make compassion a habit

Humility is the strongest catalyst to conquer the outer world along with inner peace. Wonder why the Sikh religion preaches Seva? Wonder why billionaires come to the Gurudwara and polish everybody’s shoes?

This is to inculcate the habit of humility, to inculcate a feeling of being at peace with every child of nature; because humility is a state of breaking down man-made barriers and loosing the ego.

Ask yourself everyday in the morning, “in what ways can I serve anybody?”

These 5 small measures you take today will change your lifestyle for the better and will mend your broken soul. Peace is with you.