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The Perfect Recipe to Cook Your Pet Dog


Have you ever imagined or dreamt or fantasized about how tasty your dog or cat’s meat is? Maybe once, no?

You can spice up the chicken dog’s meat by combining it with fresh thyme, salt, pepper, some white wine, and garlic, and you’ve got yourself a main course that’s perfect to serve with roasted potatoes, over pasta, or on salad greens. Are you drooling from your mouth! no?

Why? Because you can never imagine hurting them much less eating them. Because you love them, they are your family, he/she’s your child.

So is it ok to eat chickens, pigs, cows, goats, deers, lobsters, sheeps and ducks because you do not have a personal connection to them and their life means shit to you?

Do they take birth on this planet for the sole purpose of satisfying your taste buds and end up on your plate with mashed potatoes and roasted beans? They don’t have rights, they are animals, right?

It is ok to go in the forest and hunt for animals and birds. Next time take your dog with you, play a game of hide and seek and hunt him down. It will be more fun and exciting.

Click on the picture below, cross your heart and think. Do you not feel love? Do they look ugly? Tell me they deserve to die and you deserve to live.


They are perfect the way they are. Is your dog’s life more important than theirs? Your dog deserves to live and they deserve to die?

So the next time you pick up that chicken leg or a hotdog or a ham burger think about this: Imagine the pain he had to go through when his throat was cut and the blood starting coming out and the time it took for him to die. Now imagine your dog meeting the same fate.


P.P.S. You can always stop, just make that choice, PLEASE.


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