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Press to Relieve Stress


We all have certain pressure points all over the body, which are connected to another organ or an area of the body. In the simplest meaning, that on applying a certain pressure on that point significantly effects the connected area. To make things simpler for your understanding, I’m going to very briefly, take you through a guided track where you can see the pressure points on your body and what happens if you apply pressure on that region.

1On the foot

Many reflexologists attest to the fact that pressure in the centre of the foot, helps the body alleviate stress and provide focus. The centre of the feet are connected to the pancreas, and this is the best meridian to treat the pancreatic location. With the tips of your fingers, apply pressure just between the balls on your feet, for a good 5 minutes each and you’ll feel relieved.

2On the calves

If the upper part of your body is in pain or stress, you might want to apply pressure on the calves. It is observed that the calf area is tender and sensitive in people who deal with a lot of stress, women in particular. Grab the back of your calves in a squeezing motion for 5 minutes or longer.

3On the stomach

This area, as preferred by reflexologists, when approached with pressure, helps create a certain movement that is responsible to free the chest and diaphragm movement, to further improve the breathing process in your body. Patients use this treatment to improve their respiratory systems and to instantly get a relieving sensation. With the tips of your fingers apply pressure right in the middle of the rib cage and a little bit lower, more towards the abdomen (navel).

4On the palms

The palm of the hands are one of the most significant meridians that is also the energy channel affecting the liver, heart and pancreas.

It is believed that the liver is the stress centre of your body. Applying pressure right in the centre of the palm helps you vaporize your stress immediately.

Application of pressure on this point helps you treat indigestion, insomnia, stomach-ache, headaches and symptoms of stress.

With the middle finger and the thumb of your other hand, hold one hand like a pair of tongs would hold a paper holding it from the centre. Apply constant pressure on both the centres for 5 minutes each for relaxation.

5On the elbows

According to reflexologists again, the elbow is a primary spot for acupuncture. The reverse flow of energy in the body is repaired by applying pressure to this point. When the energy in your body moves in the right direction, your stress is automatically alleviated and your mental focusing abilities improve.

With the tips of your fingers apply pressure on your elbows in a clockwise direction for 5 minutes and repair your energy flow after a stressed day at work.

6On the chest

The chest is a versatile pressure point. Versatile in the sense of its strategic placing and the amount of effects it has on the better health of your body.

We often shallow breathe and in the article on a previous day, we had discussed the ill effects of shallow breathing, using pressure on this point de-clutters chest congestion.

Massage the centre of your ribcage using 3 fingers or tap rhythmically as you breathe. To relieve chronic stress, massage this point along with the centre of your eyebrows. This will calm your nervous system.

7On the ears

Experts have claimed that the ears are the best part for stress relief. It is called the Shen Men or (the spirit gate) of your body. Applying pressure on the outer ear reduces pain and inflammation in the entire body.

Take a pen or a cotton but and apply pressure in the outer ear, take deep breaths while performing the massage.

8On the scalp

The scalp has a number of pressure points. Applying pressure on these points helps alleviate stress to a minimal level. Most of the stress in our body tends to form knots mainly in our neck muscles and shoulders, applying pressure on the scalp helps you relieve that stress/pain quite effectively. Sit back wherever you’re seated, and using two fingers massage on the point right where your neck meets the head for a good 20seconds.



We all have different ways to deal with stress, not all are lucky enough to treat themselves to a vacation every time they feel stressed, in a day. So theses were a few stress relieving methods which we can use anywhere anytime in the day. Hope this information helped you with a few stress relieving hacks for whenever you feel low. Stay tuned with Ayurveda Medicare for more interesting articles.