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Solo Backpacking


All our lives, we strive on and continue living our life as if we have a whole lifetime left to live. It seems as of our lives are being virtually lived by others who control our needs and desires and our bodies are just the medium that they need. The result? You’re exhausted beyond exhaustion even before its bedtime. The next day, you wake up, tired, and you day goes on in a fatigued mode and ends with a frown on your forehead. Your family is sick of your behaviour and you never seem to have time for anyone! Have you ever stopped and thought about what has become of your life? It’s the same routine every day, you’re end up running in circles and you cannot quit because you have a lifestyle to support. Your ‘vacations’ are a headache because you want to live up to the expectations of being on a happy vacation. Do you realise how absurd your life has become?

If you can connect to the above written words, then it’s time for you to let go of all the inhibitions  go out on a solo backpacking trip across any place you have been wanting to visit for a long time now. It doesn’t matter if you choose the ‘correct’ destination or not, what matters is you are ready and willing to do it all by yourself. That is what a ‘solo backpacking’ trip is all about.

Take some time off from your ‘busy’ schedule and reconnect with your college-going self. Recall all those promises that you had made of ‘conquering the world’ and not passing by like a timid mouse. Just book a one way ticket to any place in this world and see how things roll.

The best thing about travelling alone is the fact that you don’t have to answer to anyone. Total spontaneity is what keeps you going on such trips. It’s only you that you have to be accountable for. In the process, there’s a very precious connection that you make with yourself, you regain the same connection that you might have had lost somewhere in between answering your boss and answering your girlfriend/boyfriend. You are the boss on your trip! No one is there to hold your hand and make you cross the river. You have to rely on your own instincts. That’s the only way around it. It’s pretty liberating, if you ask me.

There are many people out there in the ‘real’ world, who are going through a mid-life crisis and don’t know how else to cope with it other than carrying on the same way they always have. It might help a few of them but it would definitely not leave them feeling happy about the way things turned out. After all, there’s something called carpe diem, right?  Imagine the  friends that you’re going to make, the thrill of letting go, the view of that sun setting against the Himalayas- do you think you will be able to experience it if you do not take the plunge? The world’s not going anywhere, but it’s not waiting for you either. You have to make the move and seize the day by its wrist!

All you need to remember is to not lose hope and to keep believing in yourself. It is yourself who has made possible the person who you have become at this very point in your life and it is you who will take care of yourself when the time comes. Know that the nature favours those who love themselves. There’s always hope to do better. Never let yourself become ‘just yet another girl/boy’.