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Want to write for AyurvedaMedicare.com!? We are receiving article submissions on numerous topics including ayurveda, traditional medicine, herbs, wellness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, general health, green living, and healthy lifestyles.

Benefits of What We Offer

  1. Writing for AyurvedaMedicare.com gives you the ability to share your expertise and insights to our responsive, international and active community.
  2. We are one of the foremost online resources promoting ayurvedic wisdom to a vast majority of audience across age groups.
  3. Articles (if approved) will be featured on the front page of our website, sent out via our newsletter and links will be posted to all our social media accounts. To increase your reader-base and expand your exposure, please make sure you share and tweet your articles when we post them!
  4. All writers will receive full credit at the top & bottom of their article.

What We Ask For

  1. For mutual benefit our writers are highly encouraged to distribute their articles through their own websites, blogs, newsletters and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, as well as through email. If your articles receive many views you are likely to become one of our top contributors, thereby gaining the trust and loyalty of our fans, followers & customers.
  2. We only publish original content (submissions that have not been published elsewhere on the web).
  3. We prefer content in the range of 300-900 words, as they are generally more well received by our audience as well as a picture representing the topic of the article.
  4. Note: We do not post content that promotes services or products and do not include affiliate or promotional links.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. If you use links within your article, please use links to other pages or articles on AyurvedaMedicare.com. No other external links are allowed anywhere on the page unless approved by the editors.
  2. Please note that we occasionally revise the titles of articles to make sure it gets the most attention and visitor possible.
  3. Our editors may also edit your text for grammar, punctuation & format.

NOTE: The articles submitted by you will go through the scrutiny of our editors and/or content writers. We do not guarantee that the articles will be published as is if they are found to be lacking in content or if they are outside the scope of this website. We also remove all links to external websites before publishing the article. Also please make sure you have read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before submitting.

We look forward to sharing your wisdom with our community!

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