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Yoga Stretches for Relief from Back Pain


When suffering from back pain, a person may experience anything from mild tingling, a dull ache or burning sensation to sharp shooting pain and numbness. However, it is important to remember that back pain can be a symptom of a larger problem, such as such as spinal degeneration and bad posture or even sitting for too many hours. Therefore, it is first important to find the root cause of back pain. The practice of yoga can be very effective in easing a backache.

In this video, yoga instructor Jen Hilmon demonstrates yoga stretches that can alleviate the pain in your spine. The stretches will also counter the pain in your upper back and neck. These asanas will re-align the spinal cord and correct any misalignment that may have occurred due to bad posture. Stretching your spine is essential, not only to relieve pain but also to avoid spinal degeneration that can occur due to age. Additionally, these poses will also help improve your flexibility and your range of motion. The more often you practice these poses, the faster you will get the desired results. Here is a yoga asana to get instant relief from backache.